Button Bind makes high quality apparel even better


Our system is innovative in its simplicity and application. It provides producers, retailers and consumers with buttons that stay in place, forever. High quality apparel just got even better. Let us present the Button Bind Necklace.

Keeps your buttons in place forever

The Button Bind system is a truly innovative game-changer for producers, retailers and consumers

Button Bind is a system that enables you to easily secure threads in buttons. The system is cost effective and the best way to secure buttons on all types of textile clothes, jackets and trousers.

Button Bind uses a high quality self-vulcanizing tape, available in two colours; black or white.

Truly innovative.

A chain is only as strong as its weakest link

We’ll help you keep your quality promise

The Button Bind Necklace is a new system which, in a few simple steps, secures button necks. The system is built around a self-vulcanizing tape that is wrapped around the threads holding the button to the garment which is then shaped into a soft neck. Not only do the buttons stay in place forever, you also get to keep your quality promise.

Executive suit buttons

Quality coat buttons

Trenchcoat buttons

Sturdy jacket buttons

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Keeps your buttons in place forever